Friday, December 10, 2010


Omg I haven't posted in way too long and almost all of my content is down due to server changes! That and I am currently on my honeymoon in Thailand with my lovely wife, Amythia. We've been to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and eat happy pizza, Chiang Mai to visit the highest point in Thailand and see all the beautiful waterfalls, as well as partying with locals in Bangkok at the Chang Beer stage in front of Central World. Everything has seemed to return to normal since the volatile period I witnessed at the beginning of the year here, I think "everything will be ok" as read on the side of Central World where fire damage was suffered.

Also I've managed to start a Sound Cloud account finally and have loaded two mixes up there for you to enjoy. The first one is a new one exploring the new phenomenon of bass music that is sweeping the world more and more everyday. The other is a mix I did in 2009 reflecting on a more bubblegum club side of danse music. Click the link to jump to my account and give them a listen...


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