Sunday, December 21, 2008

I <3 Techno...

So alot of content is down, but we're getting things back up and running. I <3 Techno was amazing as it is every year, spent some time in Amsterdam, seemed like a good time to go since they're talking about changing the red light district and closing alot of coffee shops. Once again the only sets to really make a impression on me were the live acts, didn't even feel Justice really compared with last year which was live I believe.
We got a New Years Eve party happening at the SpeakEasy, you can see what that's all about over at Check it out if you're feeling adventurous.
2009 will have more events from the Crimson Events, starting February 15 with Illuminaughty.
Have a listen to one of our favorite Butch tracks below, if only more Calgarians appreciated these sounds...

Butch & Julie Marghilano - Last Tango