Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Music1st brings you...

It's Stampede time here in Calgary once again and we here at music1st feel that a massive shaker is in order to complement the occasion. We've assembled a line-up to be reckoned with that is as exciting as it is diverse. Bringing together electro, Hip Hop, Breaks, techno, and all things that say "danse" in one room as well as a room dedicated to Calgary's thriving rock scene. Here it is...

Dj Spilt Milk
Mama Miche
In Order To Danse
Jain Vain & The Dark Matter
Noah York City
Wax Romeo

You can get tickets @

So enough of this info stuff, let's get to some music.
Spilt Milk has been a staple in Western Canada's dance scene for more than a decade. Besides being a wicked dj he's also a really nice guy, so nice in fact that he offers the world a wide selection of mixes by him dating back all the way to 1997.
You can go hear for yourself at but here's a link to Side A of his Original Mixtape Gangsta mix, his most recent.

Original Mixtape Gangsta Side A

I'd suggest going to Jain Vain & The Dark Matter's Myspace to hear their seriously refreshing sound as well.
See you all soon, I'll leave you with a song that has become something of a anthem for this event.

D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Remix)