Friday, April 27, 2007

Time To Get Physical!

The Bassnectar show was a hit, thanks calgary for going off like no where else in this city. The Legion is home to our next Music1st shaker as well, and we are proud to bring you these brilliant producers from Germany. That's right, it's Booka Shade! They have a new release for us to celebrate while we wait for their visit to Calgary on May 26th. Here's a sample off the new 12" you can go buy the whole release when it's out May 16th. I'll be back soon with a nostalgic mix of some of my favorite Get Physical tracks.

Booka Shade - Tickle

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Our mate from Canmore whom recently migrated to Berlin has an upcoming album soon to be released on ELECTROBOT RECORDS. He dropped me a line the other day along with this exclusive track that's disco, Gigolo style, if you like it look out for his Album this month on Electrobot or coming soon.

Operator -Good Guys Wear Black

Saturday, April 14, 2007

1 week till...

The party is taking place in my absolute favorite Calgary venue(atm), Branch #1 of The Royal Canadian Legion. Watch out for the new Bassnectar album set for release April 24th on Om, just after this last stop in his tour with us on Calgary April 21st.
So with all this plus a remix from Speaker Junk, that has been floating around the blog world, it's pretty easy to get hyped on Lorin and the success he's manfifested. The album is packed with contributions from so many vocalists, go do yourself a favor and buy the album when it drops.

Bassnectar - Speaker Junks Jackin Brazilian Rave Mix