Monday, April 13, 2009

Romances Remembered

This last weekend was more intense then I would have expected, it started Thursday at The Amsterdam Rhino, which is sadly not in Amsterdam (Thanks for reminding me Nina). However, despite that it was a long weekend and with everyone having friday off throngs of people showed. We couldn't get a break in all night, so it was bomb dropping time at it's best. Friday & Saturday night I put another 10 hours of turntablism in at Stampede Casino to a loyal following of gamblers, this human jukebox takes 20s. Then Sunday night was our Illuminaughty Secret Society Session at Dickens Pub, this is where I had to pull a transformation from pop beats & club shwag to PVC Pants & Industrial classics. 18 hours in total, truly I am more machine than man, however my back would bed to differ.
The musical offering today is a mix of some of my favorite early electro clash tunes, enjoy...

The Made Up Break Up Mix

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amythia said...

Only a machine could produce those perfectly calculated tunes for the needy dance floor.